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We provide same-day, in-home fridge repair in the Wichita, KS area. We work on all brands except for LG. We are factory authorized for almost all major appliances and refrigerator brands.

We provide service for most brands including:

We understand how important it is to have a working fridge, so our technicians have a large number parts their vans. Most in-home repairs are resolved in one service call.

All pricing is provided up-front, so there are no surprise charges. If you have any questions call 316-219-9619.

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A refrigerator typically has a lifespan of about 15 years. It’s not unusual to need a minor repair during that time. Here are a few common problems we see, and some steps you might want to take to keep youe appliance running smoothly.

Fridge Isn’t Cooling

Your refrigerator interior should be between 34-40° fahrenheit. One reason a fridge can run warmer than normal is dirty condenser coils. These coils will likely need to be cleaned once or twice a year, more often if you have pets, or if your fridge is an a particularly dusty area like a garage.

Not all refrigerators have condenser coils that can be cleaned by the owner, so consult your owner’s manual for the correct instructions. The condenser coils are usually located either under the appliance behind a grill, or on the back of the fridge. After unplugging the fridge, you can clean the coils with a soft brush and vacuum. Clean condenser coils will allow your refrigerator to run more efficiency, lowering energy usage and reducing strain on the compressor. If you’re not certain how to check or clean your coils, call an appliance repair service for help.

Unusual Noises

It’s normal for your fridge to make noise. The hum of the fan, a click as the defrost timer is switched on and off, pops from the automatic ice maker, and many other sounds are completely normal. If you check your refrigerator’s owner’s manual, you’re likely to see a list of “normal” sounds. It’s the out of the ordinary sounds that you should be concerned about.

It’s not uncommon for fans to get dirty, or worn out. A persistent rattle could mean a problem with a fan. A buzzing noise inside the fright may just mean the light is about to go out. A dripping sound probably means a water leak. And vibrating noise might me the fridge is out of balance. The best thing to do if you hear a new sound is to carefully determine where it is coming from. If you’re not able to find a simple fix, have a professional appliance repair service check it out.

Leaking Water

If you have an auto-defrosting refrigerator it is not uncommon for a clogged drain tube to cause a leak. Consult your owner’s manual, and sometimes you can solve this problem on your own.

Other leaks are often caused by damaged water lines, cracked drip pans, or other damaged hardware.

If you’re considering a service call, it’s a good idea to attempt to find the source of the leak before calling. An appliance repair tech can fix leak attached to the refrigerator, but a plumber may be required if it is outside of the fridge.

Replace the Water Filter

If your fridge supplies water through a door dispenser or if it has an ice machine, you may also have a water filter that needs to be replaced periodically. If the water doesn’t taste right, or if the water flow has slowed recently, check the filter and/or your owner’s manual to find out how to change the filter.

Bad Smells

If you’ve removed any offending food from your fridge and it still smells bad, it might be time for a thorough cleaning. Plastic can absorb odors, and there are many small nooks and crannies where food debris can hide.

Removing shelves and drawers and cleaning all of the surfaces and parts with a sponge and dish soap will wash away most odors. A toothpick is a good tool for leaning out hard to reach grooves. Check your owner’s manual for more specific cleaning instructions.

If you don’t have time for a good cleaning, there are a number of ways to absorb odors without dismantling the fridge. Place an open box of baking soda in the fridge, after a few days it will soak up some of the bad smells. You can also use fresh or used coffee grounds to absorb odors. Just place a small open bowl of coffee grounds in the fridge, you should notice an improvement in less than a week. Baking soda can be left in the fridge for a few months and it  will still be effective. Coffee grounds will work for a couple of weeks.

Wooden Spoon of Coffee Grounds

Refrigerators are complicated appliances, but they last for many years. If you need a repair, the cost will usually be much less than a replacement fridge. Give us a call at If you have any refrigerator questions.